25% reduction in unproductive technical visits

  • Many broadband customers experience disconnection issues and automatically contact their service provider. However, most of the time, the provider lacks the proper tools to identify the period during which the signal was unavailable, as monitoring systems work with sporadic data collections throughout the day, making it difficult to analyze the problem.


    In addition to the difficulty in analyzing the availability, the provider does not know the actual speed delivered to the customer, therefore, it is up to the user to complain and test the speed via online speed tests and report it to the representative. 


    Due to the provider not having the appropriate tools to diagnose the problem, it is not properly addressed for effective solutions, and often, customers receive service from the provider, but their problem is not resolved.


    To diagnose this problem, Beegol has developed real-time monitoring that allows for identifying when a customer’s connection drops and for how long it was unavailable.

  • This raises the level of communication between the representative and the customer, enabling them to know when the drop occurred and when it returned, as well as correlating other parameters of physical data to identify the cause of the problem.

    By adding availability monitoring, Beegol can test the speed delivered to the customer, allowing for proactive actions without waiting for the customer to contact the provider. In addition to directing all diagnoses to the correct solution and improving the customer experience, it meets Anatel’s requirements for broadband quality monitoring.
Once the provider knows that there has been a broadband drop, they can act proactively to solve the problem and communicate with the customer. But in case the customer contacts the provider before that, all service channels have the condition to understand the problem that occurred and direct it to the appropriate solution.

When these actions were tested on our customers, it was noticed a 25% reduction in sending unproductive visits, due to increased condition of solutions or correct direction to the right area.




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