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Customer should never have to call to complain about broadband and wifi.

Beegol is a Machine Learning based platform to monitor and improve the Quality of Experience of broadband and wifi customers.

Low Quality of Experience due to outages and service degradation is one of the main drivers of customer churn. Beegol real time detection tools allows operators to identify and react to problems even before customers notice there is an issue, substantially increasing QoE.

Beegol works with leading telecommunications operators and ISPs.


Embedded software uses artificial intelligence to collect real time broadband and wifi performance data.


Machine Learning software detects outages, service degradations and localizes problems in wifi, access and transport networks.


Several applications and use cases for network engineering, operations, customer care and commercial areas.

Improve the Quality of Experience and reduce costs at scale

Beegol allows telecom operators and ISP to detect issues even before their customer notices them, to optimize corrective actions and to reduce network costs.

Telecom operators have significant costs dealing with customer care complaints related with outages and service degradation.

Beegol detects, diagnoses and locates network issues in real time, even hard to find problems like outage in passive elements, service degradation and WiFi-related issues avoiding costly field visits and improving customer satisfaction.


5 seconds

Beegol detects outages as quickly as 5 seconds after they happened.

50% less visits

Up to 50% of customers complains are Wifi related not requiring expensive maintenance visits.

Precise location

Maintenance teams know exactly where the problem is located before they start working on a ticket.

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