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Beegol improves internet quality and experience.

People around the world rely on their internet connections to work, study, play and relax. Web connectivity should be fast, reliable, and work everywhere. Beegol is here to reduce the need for service calls, ensure customer satisfaction, and reduce the incidence of all-too-common hiccups, delays, frozen movies, or dropped video calls.


Deliver the highest quality internet experience for billions of people around the world

The original “aha’ moment for Beegol came in 2017 when Co-founder Gilberto Mayor repeatedly contacted his ISP in Brazil and they had no way of diagnosing the problem with the network. He became determined to develop smart technology to avoid needless and costly customer-service calls and truck rolls. 

The original R&D inspiration came from several talks with professors at top computer-science universities in the U.S. Since it did not exist yet, Beegol set out to invent new software to automatically detect, diagnose and geolocate network problems – and even to self-heal broadband networks across the entire, end-to-end loop using machine learning developed by Beegol’s high-caliber A.I. and engineering talent in Brazil. 

Mayor partnered with Beegol co-founder Charles Hong, who had worked with one of the world’s largest makers of operator-grade cable modems that the telecom industry spends billions of dollars on to bring high-quality internet connectivity into our homes, which have transformed into our offices for many of us.

In 2022, prior to launching numerous pilots across Asia, Europe, and the Americas – Beegol announced it was integrated into RDK, an open source software from a leading cable TV and broadband consortium that enables operators to manage their devices, quickly customize their UIs and apps, and provide data analytics to improve customer experience and drive better  business results for the industry. 

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Beegol CEO, Chief Scientist and Co-founder Gilberto Mayor

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Beegol Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder Charles Hong

Beegol's History and Major Milestones So Far

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