Customer should never have to call to complain about broadband and Wi-Fi

Machine Learning network diagnostic driven by real-time data collection

Take advantage of the data generated by CPEs to drive ML diagnostics

Real-time end to end network diagnostic driven by advanced CPE telemetry that can identify, triage and geolocate all problems in-home and local access up to DNS and CDN.

Locate and solve network and wifi problems much faster and accurately

Beegol alarms real time outage and service degradation. Beegol verifies if the problem is individual or massive. Beegol can geolocate the root cause at the network element in the access. It also looks for other type of problems like DNS outage, CDN latency or network congestion.

Improve customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs

Avoid unproductive truck rolls, send Operations team to the right root-cause at the access network. Avoid in-home visits to solve wifi issues and CPE replacements. Know how many customers are affected by high latency on the transport.

Get ready to redefine customer experience

  • Collect

    Our solutions use industry leading advanced telemetry to collect real time broadband and wifi performance data.
  • Analyze

    Machine Learning software detects outages, service degradations and localizes problems in wifi, access and transport networks.
  • React

    Data becomes actionable through our applications and use cases for network engineering, operations, customer care and commercial areas.

Improve the Quality of Experience and reduce cost at scale

  • Detect problems even before the customer notices – avoiding customer care calls.
  • Reduce customer care complaints related to outages and service degradation.
  • Detect, diagnose and locate network issues in real time, even hard to find problems like outage in passive elements, service degradation and WiFi-related issues avoiding costly field visits and improving customer satisfaction.

Achieve the best outcome with our solutions

  • In up to 2 minutes outage detection

    Beegol detects outages as quickly as 2 minutes after they occur.
  • 25% less visits

    Up to 50% of customers complains are Wi-Fi related not requiring expensive maintenance visits.
  • Precise location

    Maintenance teams know exactly where the problem is located before they start working on a ticket.

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