We improve the way people connect to the internet.

People rely on their internet connection to work, study, play and relax. It should be fast, reliable and work everywhere. Beegol is here to help their connection go unnoticed: no more hiccups, delays, frozen movies or dropped video calls.

Beegol was founded in the US in 2020. Beegol is an American company with R&D in the US and software development in Brazil. Presence in São Paulo, Los Angeles and New York. Strong ties with American universities.

Our history


Beegol was founded


Beegol acquired a software company specialized in developing Speed test software for modems


Beegol develops the first broadband diagnostic software based on machine learning. In this designs, the telemetry agent is tied coupled to the machine learning algorithm feeding real time data needed for each analysis


Beegol launches its product Beegol version 1.0


Beegol starts pilots globally including Latin America, Europe, and Asia


Beegol launches – Beegol Full, Beegol Light and Beegol ML diagnostic


Meet the Beegol team

Gilberto Mayor

Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist

Charles Hong

Founder & CSO

Ícaro Dourado

Founder & CTO

André Monlevade

Executive Director

Marcelo Brissac


Steve Heeb

Board Member

Ethan Katz-Bassett

R&D Partner

Arpit Gupta

R&D Partner

Meet the Beegol team

Beegol was founded by senior executives from the telecom sector, serial entrepreneurs and academics who decided to work together to launch the best platform for improving broadband and wifi performance. Complementary skills, backgrounds and connections create a strong team of beegolians.

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