40% optimization in maintenance related to WI-fI problems

  • Wireless internet networks are most affected by external interference, especially from other Wi-Fi networks.


    Currently, the 2.4 and 5G networks are the most widely used, and a user’s Wi-Fi may be on a channel with interference, which impacts the speed and stability of the connection. The 2.4 network is the most affected due to its channel allocation characteristics.

  • Once the Wi-Fi channels go through any sort of interference, the user experiences problems with speed delivery and, most importantly, with connection stability.


    Beegol has developed an intelligence that identifies the best channel and automatically acts to adjust it, providing the customer with the best possible connection.
By applying our automatic channel switching routine, the action reduces signal interference, bringing greater speed and connection stability. In addition to improving the customer experience, it prevents the user from contacting the service provider to help with the corrections.




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