What is Beegol?

It’s the most advanced machine learning based platform to monitor and improve the Quality of Experience of broadband customers while reducing costs at scale.

We offer a suite of tools to redefine the Quality of Experience of broadband customers. Smart data collection, powerful analysis tools and easy integration with existing operator systems offer the best available solution to operators.

Take advantage of the data generated by modern modems

Modern modems are capable of generate rich datasets about its performance. Beegol explores the devices full capabilities to enable our clients to deliver better broadband and wifi services.

Locate and solve network and wifi problems much faster

Beegol provides real time outages and service degradation diagnostic and can precisely localize the problem, even those hard to find like passive element issues or WiFi service degradation.

Improve customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs

Avoid unnecessary field visits and hardware replacement. Optimize the deployment of field service teams. Provide self assessement info direclty to customers and better information to your customer care. That’s all possible with Beegol.

Beegol Network Engineering

Beegol Network Engineering is able to identify outages and degradation in real time and precisely locate the problem in the network, even in passive elements. It also identifies all the customers that are impacted by a certain network problem.

Beegol Network Operations

Beegol Network Operations prioritizes maintenance activities based on effort, QoE impact, client value and number of clients. It tracks the trouble tickets, check its outcome and continuously learn from previous tickets outcomes. It also helps identify bottlenecks by mapping the performance of network operations.

Beegol Customer Experience

Beegol Customer Experience measures the QoE for each customer and feeds customer facing apps and customer care operators with relevant information to fix problems and improve performance. QoE data is also used to predict churn probability of broadband customers.

Beegol Wi-Fi

Beegol Wi-Fi identifies Wi-Fi issues in real time allowing operators to avoid coslty unproductive maintenance visits. It automatically optimizes wifi configuration and can also enable wifi mesh for some customers. 

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